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Term Dates

Term dates 2021-2023

School Timings

The school gates open at 8.30.

Classroom doors open at 8.40 and registers are open until 8.50. (Arrival after 8.50 is a late mark).

The school day ends at 3.10.

We are open for 32.5 hours.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind all parents/carers that if children out of school without authority, you will be liable to receive a penalty notice. Currently, the amount payable under a penalty notice is £60.00 per parent/carer per child if paid within 21 days.  Thereafter, the amount increases to £120.00 if paid between 21 and 28 days. If the penalty notice remains unpaid after 28 days, the Local Authority will consider a prosecution in the Magistrates Court. Please note that penalty notices are issued per parent/carer per child so a family of two parents and two children will receive 4 penalty notices.


TERM DATES - 2022 – 2023


Thursday 1st September 2022

Inset Day

(Children not in school)

Friday 2nd September 2022

Inset Day

(Children not in school)

Monday 5th September 2022

Autumn Term begins


Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October 2022

Half Term

Friday 16th December 2022

1.30pm Break up for Christmas



Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Inset Day

(Children not in school)

Wednesday 4th January 2023

Spring Term begins


Monday 13th February - Friday 17th February 2023

Half Term

Friday 31st March 2023

1.30pm Break up for Easter



Monday 17th April 2023

Inset Day

(Children not in school)

Tuesday 18th April 2023

Summer Term begins


Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June 2023

Half Term

Monday 5th June 2023

Inset Day

(Children not in school)

Friday 21st July 2023

1.30pm Break up for Summer