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The purpose of our PSHE curriculum is to develop children’s ability to understand and successfully navigate the world in which we live. Within these lessons, children are able to develop their emotional literacy and social skills by exploring a range of different topics. This learning is underpinned by a discussion-based approach whereby the children and staff establish a safe environment to share their opinions and experiences.  Over the last few years, we have raised the profile of PSHE within the school by introducing regular circle time and wellbeing sessions. We have found that the challenges of COVID and school closures have made these sessions more important than ever. The children have been able to explore and express their differing experiences and struggles during this time in a supportive manner. Children are taught about mindfulness and looking after their own mental wellbeing. They are also given the opportunities to learn and practise social skills that they can apply to different situations in their own lives. 


PSHE lessons are taught weekly following the Jigsaw Scheme. This breaks the year up into 6 half-term themes that are re-visited every year which are as follows:

  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  • Changing Me – this includes our RSE Curriculum.

In addition, we have three short circle-time sessions per week; a Check In (Monday), a Check Up (Wednesday) and a Check Out (Friday). These sessions are used to explore a variety of issues and discussion points including school values, a class issue, a current news story/event. These sessions are designed to allow children and staff to get to know each other better and to build those bonds within the classroom and often include a game or fun activity to help with class team-building.

We have a number of other initiatives to increase wellbeing within the school including a weekly wellbeing session to allow extra time for these self-care strategies to be embedded. These can take a variety of forms e.g. yoga, guided meditation, playing a game together, getting outside for some fresh air. We also complete the daily mile to increase the amount of physical activity that the children are getting each day. We provide regular (usually twice termly) Forest School Sessions for each class. This allows the children to develop their physical and mental wellbeing by being outdoors, learning new skills and being able to take managed risks.

We have developed a Restorative Practice behaviour strategy across the school which is complimented by the skills taught within PSHE lessons. Children are able to practise the skills of listening to each other and coming to a common solution for a variety of issues. Staff have been trained in this approach and keep reminders in their lanyard to help with the questions to ask children if an incident occurs.

Our core school values are: Respect, Achieve, Inspire, Strive, Encourage. These values are reinforced through assemblies, focus weeks (where the assembly and all check in sessions focus on that value), value memos, star of the week, special mentions certificates and class shout-outs. Children also have the opportunity to hold a variety of roles within the school to develop their sense of responsibility. These include School Council Representative, House Captains and Year 6 Monitors.