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Little Wandle

Little Wandle Rapid Catch-up is a complete catch-up programme that mirrors the main phonics programme but has a faster pace. It has been created to help children catch up quickly. This quote from the Reading framework (2021) makes it clear why this is so important:

After Year 1, learning in the wider curriculum depends increasingly on literacy. Pupils who cannot read well enough do not have full access to the curriculum. Those who fail to learn to read early on often start to dislike reading. They read less than others – and less often – and do not accumulate the background knowledge and vocabulary from reading that their peers do. The word-rich get richer, while the word-poor get poorer.’

The programme has been developed to ensure plenty of repeated practice in blending, word reading and spelling in each lesson, using a range of activities such as Change it, Match the words to the pictures and Mix it up. Children also need to learn the meaning of the words that they read, which is why we provide simple definitions or contextualising sentences for words. By the end of the programme children should be reading with enough fluency and accuracy to access the curriculum in class, and to read with enjoyment and understanding.

For information on how to support children on the Little Wandle Rapid Catch-up programme, please follow this link: