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Our Governors

 The Governing Body is comprised of two Parent Governors (elected by the parent/carers of pupils at the school), the Headteacher, one Staff Governor (elected by the staff of the school), one Surrey Local Authority Governor (appointed by Surrey), and nine Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the governing body), making fourteen governors in total.

The Governing Body meets at least once every term and has the overall responsibility to Surrey Local Authority  and to parents, carers and stakeholders for the performance of the school including: ensuring that requirements of the National Curriculum are delivered; raising standards of achievement of pupils; improving the quality of teaching and learning; maintaining highest standards of behaviour and safety; ensuring probity and efficiency in the use of school finances; staffing and policy implementation among others areas.

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all members of the school and its community to demonstrably share this commitment.

Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body members are:



Sue Gammerman

Chair of Governing Body and Finance and Staffing

Co-Opted Governor

Linda Gilham

Vice Chair

Local Authority Governor


Katherine Wade

Clerk to the Governors

Roger Nield


Co-Opted Governor 


Liz Gallagher

Chair of Learning Committee

Co-Opted Governor

Kathy Evans

Co-Opted Governor


Emma Hill

Staff Governor

Ravinder Chawla

Co-Opted Governor



Emma Johnson

Parent Governor

Sophie Reisch

Co-Opted Governor


Catherine Bennett

Chair of Vision and Ethos Committee

Co-Opted Governor

Stuart Wheatley

Parent Governor




Governor Committees

Governor committees are the mechanism for allowing governors to work in more detail than is practical at full governing body meetings, and for governors to focus on particular areas of interest and expertise.

The committee structure facilitates broad participation by governors and offers the opportunity to review, question and challenge the information provided by the school.  Governor committees work within terms of reference agreed by the full governing body which may include delegated responsibility to review policies, targets, budgets, results and other areas.  The committees meet to consider the issues within their individual remits, and make recommendations to the full governing body where actions are needed.  The valuable work that committees do enables full governing body meetings to be well informed and more productive. 

The St Ann’s Heath governor committees are:

Finance and Staffing Committee

The Finance and Staffing committee has delegated responsibility for strategic oversight of the school’s finances and for all staffing and personnel matters.

This committee receives regular reports on the current financial position of the school and is involved in formulating and approving the school budget and associated expenditure plans.  This committee also agrees the annual staffing structure and considers the need for revisions and appointments. Policies relating to financial and staffing matters are the responsibility of this committee.

Learning Committee

The Learning Committee is responsible for ensuring that the needs of children both individually and collectively are met, including their academic and personal development.

This committee maintains a strategic overview of all matters relating to children’s development through the school. The committee reviews the analysis of ongoing teacher assessment of pupil progress, evaluates the performance in each year’s SATs results and agrees future targets. Policies relating to curriculum and developmental matters are the responsibility of this committee.

Vision and Ethos Committee

The Vision and Ethos Committee is responsible for upholding the wider values and characteristics of the school. These are things which are core to our school personality but which are not measured by test results. It includes : safeguarding and child protection, equality, inclusion and equal access, health safety and welfare, security, initiatives including Eco Schools and Healthy Schools, engaging with parents, carers and the wider community, and publicising and promoting the school. Policies relating to these areas are the responsibility of this committee.

Performance Management Committee and Pay Review Committee

These two committees are specifically related to the areas of pay review and performance management.

St Ann’s Heath Committee Structure – January 2021

Finance and Staffing


Vision and Ethos

  • Sue Gammerman (Committee Chair)
  • Linda Gilham
  • Emma Johnson
  • Headteacher (or designate)
  • Helen Golder (School Business Manager) – in attendance
  • Liz Gallagher (Committee Chair)
  • Kathy Evans
  • Emma Hill
  • Catherine Bennett
  • Headteacher (or designate)
  • Kathy Evans (Committee Chair)
  • Roger Nield
  • Stuart Wheatley
  • Catherine Bennett
  • Headteacher (or designate)

Performance Management

Pay Review

  • Linda Gilham (Committee Chair)
  • Roger Nield
  • Catherine Bennett
  • Headteacher
  • Sue Gammerman (Committee Chair)
  • Kathy Evans
  • Liz Gallagher
  • Helen Golder (School Business Manager) 
  • Headteacher (or designate)

Governors can be contacted through the school office or by emailing

Emails will be considered in a timely and professional manner.

Please see the links below for Governor attendance during 2019-2020 and further Governor information.