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Our Governors

 The Governing Body is comprised of two Parent Governors (elected by the parent/carers of pupils at the school), the Headteacher, one Staff Governor (elected by the staff of the school), one Surrey Local Authority Governor (appointed by Surrey), and up to nine Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the governing body), making fourteen governors in total.

The Governing Body is responsible to Surrey Local Authority and to parents, carers and stakeholders for the performance of the school.  This means ensuring that school finances and resources are used effectively to achieve the highest standards possible in

  • teaching and learning for all pupils
  • behaviour in school
  • personal development of all pupils
  • leadership and management of the school

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all members of the school and its community to demonstrably share this commitment.

Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body members are:



Sue Gammerman

Date of appointment: 30/9/2022

Term Ends: 29/6/2026

Co-opted Governor

Chair of the Governing Body

Special Responsibilities:


Pay Review

Health & Safety

Linda Gilham

Date of appointment: 27/10/2022

Term Ends: 26/10/2026

Local Authority Governor

Vice chair of Governors


Special Responsibilities:


Co-Head Teacher Appraisal



Katherine Wade

Clerk to the Governors

Sophie Reisch

Date of appointment: 9/3/2022

Term Ends: 8/3/2026

Co-Opted Governor

Special Responsibilities:



Catherine Bennett

Date of appointment: 8/10/2023

Term Ends: 7/10/2027

Co-Opted Governor

Special Responsibilities:

Co-Head Teacher Appraisal


Kathy Evans

Date of appointment: 30/9/2022

Term Ends: 29/9/2026

Co-Opted Governor

Special Responsibilities:



Pay Review






Photo to be uploaded soon

Emma Hill

Date of appointment: 15/10/2022

Term Ends: 14/10/2026

Staff Governor

Member of the Learning Committee


Shirley Doyle

Date of appointment: 4/9/2023

Term Ends: 3/9/2027

Co-Opted Governor

Special Responsibilities:

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)




Governor Work

The governors’ role is to:

  • approve the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • ensure that the Co-Headteachers are focussed on achieving high standards of education for all
  • check that school finances are used effectively to achieve these goals

Governors meet twice a term to discuss school business, such as reviewing policies, progress towards targets, budget and expenditure, and educational results. 

In addition, each governor agrees to focus on particular areas of interest and expertise (for example, finance, safeguarding, SEND). Governors monitor developments in these areas through regular visits to the school to talk with staff and, where appropriate, visit classrooms.  They then report back to the rest of the governing body. 

Staff with additional curriculum responsibilities attend governor meetings on request to provide an update on developments in their area.  Governors also seek the views of parents (through an annual survey) and pupils (through an annual meeting with representatives from each year group).

Once a year, governors evaluate the impact of recent school initiatives on the quality of education for all pupils and decide on priorities for the next year.

Governors can be contacted through the school office or by emailing

Emails will be considered in a timely and professional manner.

Please see the links below for Governor attendance during 2022 - 2023 academic year and further Governor information.