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Creative Curriculum

At St Ann’s Heath, we are committed to providing an inspiring, rich, and broad curriculum that goes beyond traditional subject boundaries. Our approach is rooted in the belief that education is most impactful when it captivates the natural curiosity of children and helps them make meaningful connections between different areas of knowledge.

Our creative curriculum is designed with purposeful links between subject areas. Each unit of learning is a building block that not only enhances subject knowledge but also encourages cross-disciplinary connections. This approach enables our learners to apply skills in various contexts, fostering a deeper and more versatile understanding of the world. Furthermore, we understand the importance of building on prior learning. Each unit is carefully crafted to seamlessly progress from previous knowledge, creating a scaffolded learning journey that ensures a strong foundation and continuous growth.

Our creative curriculum is immersive, engaging learners in a world of exploration and inquiry. By providing an environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking, we aim to instil a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

At St Ann’s Heath, we firmly believe that learning that sticks is meaningful. Children are naturally curious, and their learning experiences are most effective when they help answer questions or make sense of the world around them. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our curriculum is not only relevant but also personally meaningful to each child, connecting their learning to real-world scenarios and fostering a sense of purpose.

Motivation is the key to effective learning. We understand that children are most motivated when they are engaged and interested in the topics being studied. Our immersive curriculum, with purposeful links between subject areas, ensures that learning is not just a task but a captivating exploration that ignites curiosity and provides a sense of purpose to each child's educational journey.

At St Ann’s Heath, we are dedicated to creating an educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also inspires a lifelong love for learning. Through our creative and immersive curriculum, we strive to nurture individuals who are not just academically proficient but are also curious, motivated, and equipped to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.


  • Provide an educational experience that is inspiring, rich, and broad, transcending traditional subject boundaries.
  • Foster purposeful links between subject areas to create a holistic understanding of the world.
  • Plan and sequence learning to build upon prior knowledge, ensuring a cohesive and progressive journey.
  • Work towards clearly defined end points, empowering children with a sense of achievement and mastery.
  • Create an immersive curriculum through engaging enrichment activities and wow days.
  • Provide learning experiences that captivate curiosity and bring subjects to life.
  • Equip our children with the knowledge and cultural capital necessary for success in their lives beyond the classroom.
  • Empower our children with a well-rounded education that prepares them for diverse challenges.
  • Motivate and challenge all students, including those who are disadvantaged or have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
  • Foster an environment where every child can achieve academic success, irrespective of their background or circumstances.
  • Inspire curiosity in our children, cultivating a natural thirst for knowledge.
  • Encourage questioning and exploration to develop a deep and genuine interest in learning.
  • Enrich our children with an ambitious vocabulary that enables them to express themselves confidently.
  • Foster language development as an essential tool for effective communication and academic excellence.
  • Inspire our children to develop a lifelong love of learning.


  • Units may be driven by science, history or geography, with additional subjects such as art, design and technology and music contributing to meaningful cross-curricular links.
  • Reading and writing are seamlessly woven into the wider curriculum, creating purposeful connections across subject areas.
  • The development of reading skills, grammar skills, and writing skills is integral.
  • High-quality texts serve as the foundation for teaching in each unit of learning.
  • Texts are carefully chosen to not only promote reading skills but also to inspire the development of grammar skills and the enhancement of writing skills.
  • Each academic year encompasses five distinct units of learning, providing a diverse and enriching experience.
  • Lessons are conducted in mixed-ability classes, fostering an inclusive learning environment.
  • Scaffolded learning experiences ensure that every child is supported and challenged according to their individual needs and abilities.
  • Teachers carefully consider the prior knowledge of students when planning lessons, ensuring a smooth progression of learning.
  • Future knowledge needs are also considered to create a scaffolded approach that builds on existing understanding.
  • Lesson planning includes a focus on both skills and knowledge development.
  • Emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation of skills while imparting a depth of knowledge aligned with curriculum objectives.
  • Vocabulary development is a key aspect of lesson planning, recognising its vital role in academic success.
  • Teachers purposefully incorporate vocabulary building activities to enhance language skills across all subjects.
  • Tailored support and challenges are provided to ensure that every child can progress at their own pace while feeling appropriately stretched.


At St Ann's Heath, our creative curriculum impact reflects our commitment to rigorous assessment, continuous improvement, and fostering a positive learning environment. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the curriculum is not only effectively delivered but also leaves a lasting impact on the holistic development of each pupil.

  • Live feedback during lessons as a crucial component, enabling immediate progress and addressing individual needs.
  • Systematic tracking of progress, reported to parents and carers through Parents' Evenings and comprehensive end-of-year reports.
  • Rigorous triangulated monitoring throughout the year to gauge the impact of the curriculum design.
  • Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders actively involved in monitoring individual subjects, reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, and providing targeted feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Continuous review of the curriculum's impact, with progress measured against end-of-year outcomes for individual children and the entire year group.
  • Ongoing evaluation ensures responsiveness to the evolving needs of our children, promoting adaptability and improvement.
  • Supportive learning environment where children feel safe to explore challenges, collaborate with peers, and embrace a thirst for learning.
  • Comprehensive measurement of curriculum impact through various lenses, including:
  • Pupil achievement data
  • Attendance rates
  • Pupil and parent questionnaires
  • Lesson observations
  • Curriculum reviews