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Birthday Books

At St Ann’s Heath, we love to celebrate birthdays. With this in mind, we have started a birthday tradition that will allow children to add to our ever-expanding collection of wonderful library books.

Many parents generously send class treats into school when it’s their child’s birthday. Instead of (or in addition to) sweets or chocolates, you may like to support our idea to donate a lasting treat - a brand new book for the school library! By donating a book on your child’s birthday, pupils across the whole school will benefit and the gift will be treasured and shared for many years to come.

During our fortnightly Celebration Assembly, each book that has been donated will be presented and shown to the children, before it takes pride of place in our school library. Whilst this is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, it also contributes to developing a more up to date, and current stock of books in our library. 

Please see the attachment below for how to purchase a birthday book for your child.

Amazon Link to wish list -